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Successful Urban Gardening

urban gardens
Just because you live in an apartment or in a townhouse with very limited yard space doesn't mean you can't grow a successful garden....

Top 4 Plants For Those Lacking a Green Thumb

Plain and simple, gardening isn't for everyone. While some people are naturals and love to get their hands dirty, others dread the very thought...

Learn How to Dry and Store Your Fresh Herbs

dried herbs
Having fresh herbs handy for your meals and drinks can be very helpful and convenient. Buying them from stores can become pretty pricy after...

Safe Edible Flowers

edible flowers
I was about 12 years old the first time I visited the bohemian artsy town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. It was there I had...

Growing Herbs in Winter

healing herbs
Growing herbs in winter can be a challenging task. We're clearing out our herb boxes as well as our gardens--but we also know that...

Vegetables To Plant in August

Vegetables To Plant in August
We are now in the dog days of summer. It's hot and humid in most areas, and not typically the time of the year...

How to Plant an Indoor Herb Garden

urban gardens
Having fresh herbs whenever you need them for your special dishes or drinks is such a great convenience. There is never a doubt that...

Top 10 Healing Herbs You Should Grow

healing herbs
For thousands of years, people have been using different healing herbs to alleviate pain and heal themselves. Modern scientists have even come forward to...

The Ultimate Tomato Growing Guide

three tomatoes
The tomato -- is it a fruit or vegetable? It's possibly the most delicious and versatile summer fruit ever! There's a lot to learn...

Cold Weather Veggies

winter vegetables
Cold weather calls for some good hardy vegetables that can get you through the winter and give you that warm seasonal feeling. There are...

2018 Top Gardening Trends

Pile of Stones
Understanding trends in gardening can be a great way to get new and creative ideas for your gardening activities. These trends highlight new gardening...

Why You Should Pinch Your Herb Plants

pinch plants herbs
The grand scheme of nature is to reproduce. Whether humans, animals or plants, nature has been designed to replenish itself. With vegetables and fruits,...